Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recording Day 12 - Canyon

Not sure if I ever said this on here before, but I like to record songs at home first, then bring them to the studio. I recorded the song "Canyon" all by myself (yes I'm a big girl) at home (I use Cubase). I did 2 vocals, drums (electronic), keys, guitar, and these plucky string things. I broke down each track into a .wav file, and brought it to the studio tonight. I was pleasantly suprised how good it sounded, so we're keeping it!!! YAY!!

So we spent this evening dumping the wavs, lining them up, eq-ing, and some other stuff.

Oh I also re-did vocals on AWAKE. I was not happy w/ the originals.

So we got 3 more songs to go:

1.) A Mark Unkind
2.) Like A Flood
3.) Hand Grenade (secret track)

I'm hoping to be done tracking by early june, and fully mixed by July 1. Hoping.


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