Monday, November 22, 2010

Maurice Narcisse Video - Night 1

Tonight we began filming the video for "Maurice Narcisse". Jimi Patterson and Emme Pickett are directing.

I don't want to give too much away - but we filmed the first scene at Bru Cafe in New Haven. My fellow New Haven-ites will definitely recognize the extras:).

As we were filming the "Van scene", Jeff hopped out of the vehicle, slammed the door, and went running. When we went to shoot Take 2, Jeff made a surprising discovery that he had accidentally locked the van doors. Oh, and yes, the van was RUNNING. Not a good predicament to be in. Alas, Triple A made a speedy rescue and all was well.

Video Stills to come!

NY Mini Tour FUN FUN

So....I think playing more than 2 shows in the same state within 72 hours constitutes as a mini tour.

With that being said, our mini tour of NY was very fun.

Thursday night we played w/ Magnetic Island and Binary Marketing Show at the Delancey. No offense to the Delancey (actually, maybe full offense to the Delancey), but it seemed like there was a B.O./Cat Piss/Sewage Ghost wandering around trying to make friends with everyone. If I could see the ghost, I would've told him/her to please take a shower. It smelled AWFUL. Alas, we stuck it out and played to a decent crowd of well-wishers. Binary Marketing had some killer beats, and Magnetic Island rawked it out.

Friday night was fucking great. We played w/ Hard Nips at a Cooper Union College Pot Luck/Dance Party at Foundation Hall. The Kids were DIGGING EULA. A hefty mosh pit/dance party ensued. Thanks to the twenty-something-yr-olds (and teens!) that got down. And thanks to Clemens S. Poole for inviting us!

Saturday night was Kevin's Birthday Blood Bath at The Charleston. Billy Brown started things off around 9pm... then the sound guy started buggin the fuck out because the 2nd band hadn't showed up yet. I kept telling him we have PLENTY of time but he was inconsolable. Everything worked out in the end w/ a RAD set by I'm Turning Into, Shark?, & then we closed out the evening's festivities. We actually played Fight Riff twice, a EULA first. Thanks Shark? & ITI for playing!!

And thanks to everyone who came out! Pictures to come.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Artspace New Haven show Grrrrrrreat

Thanks to Moon Hooch & Magnetic Island for tearing it up at the Artspace with us. What a great night. And thanks to everyone (Jimi!) that screamed for a EULA encore! we felt soooooo coool.

American Jubilee Trailer


American Jubilee Trailer #1 from American Jubilee on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween @ Fort Useless -

Fort Useless Halloween Bash was very fun - read about it here:

And some pics here:

EULA at Fort Useless // Halloween

EULA at Fort Useless // Halloween

EULA at Fort Useless // Halloween

EULA at Fort Useless // Halloween

EULA at Fort Useless // Halloween