Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crash Mansion / Public Assembly

So we had our first show at Crash Mansion last night... very fun. The place reminds me of a sexy basement with very expensive drinks. We had a great time though... Tell Tale opened up (very good check them out) and Pow Wow! (very good check them out) closed out the evening. There was this dude there that came ALL the way from Watertown, CT to come see us - and believe me, that's never happened so our evening was a raving success!
I wanted to post our flyer for our next NY show - June 4th at Public Assembly. I don't know what to expect since we're going on at 1am... I know ny is the city that never sleeps, but what about brooklyn?? :) Looking forward to it tho.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CD Release Parties.....Fun....

So we had two CD Release Parties this past week/weekend... our first was at Death By Audio in Brooklyn on April 3rd. Someone said we reminded him of The Wipers ... very nice. Thanks Edan for having us.

The next party we had was at the New Haven Artspace in New Haven, CT on april 11- quite a nice setting with lots of performance and fine art. Thanks to Kid Ginseng for opening up the evening, and for almost knocking over Jeff's mom (sorry Jeff's mom!) with his windmills.

There was this really nice Frenchman who had his friend (girlfriend?) take 2 polaroids of us together - yes, polaroids - and i tried speaking with him but i could only say "Merci" and "Bon Nuit"... I get shy:)

Thanks to everyone who came out and bought a CD... we really appreciate it. Next show is at Crash Mansion in NYC on April 29th with Pow Wow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Eula interview 4/11 on 1340AM Yale Radio

So, I received a message from a "Jef Wilson" that read "WYBC Interview" in the Subject Line, with a body message of "Call me for an interview on WYBC".... I was very confused because WYBC is a hip hop and r&b station...

About a week later, Jef showed up to our GPCSY show at Yale. He continued to tell me that he wants Eula to do an on-air interview, and in-studio performance on YBC... I replied, "Ummm... have you even listened to our music? I mean, I am ALL ABOUT crossing genres, but would the hip hop/r&b listeners really dig a Eula interview?"

and Jef replied, "Uhh, this is for WYBC 1340AM, Yale Radio."

I replied, "Fuck"

So the moral of the story is, KNOW YOUR RADIO STATIONS. And listen to WYBC 1340AM Saturday, April 11th from 1pm - 2pm for a Eula performance & interview!!! Thanks Jef.