Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EULA - Lit Lounge 1/23

Saturday's show went SPLENDID. Honey Wagon (CT) kicked off the evening, followed by Les Vinyl, then Conversion Party. EULA closed the show with a bang. Big Thanks to Eric Rex and Edwina of King of the Gigabitches for coming out to the show and taking some amazing pictures! Oh, and I how can I forget this rad write up....

"Eula remind me of sharks in that there is the sense that if they as a band stop moving forward, they will die so they destroy the past in anticipation of the next kill. I had seen Eula back in October, so I knew what to expect from the live performance; tight and precise instrumentation with a fierce commitment to the art of performance.

Not a second spent on stage is still as Alyse alternates gentle crooning with nonsensical vocalalizations in the style of Molly Siegel of Ponytail. She will reach up to caress the microphone, and then step back to lock eyes with drummer Nathan Rose dropping her hands to her instrument as the guitar and drums produce a complex interplay onstage for a handful of bars before that element of the song vanishes off the cliff of the track and the rest sounds desperate, clawing towards something unobtainable and the instruments dance playfully; as Alyse and bassist Jeffery Maleri come together and break apart so often you’ve lost count and as you think you’ve grasped what’s happening on stage that suddenly…silence… a brief look up, a “thank you” and then…

It’s a new song.

Saturday’s thirty minute set was filled with new songs, one so new that it came with a bit of a caveat from the band that was a bit warranted as the track fell apart within the first 16 measures but they got through it the second time. However, each track was “new” in its own way, as the arrangements varied from the copies of The Language of Threat. Sometimes mildly, such as on the Locomotive Rhythm tracks of “Rosie”, and new bass elements on Housewolf; while tracks like Fight Riff become nearly whole new affairs, which I find to be a shame as that opening guitar is as near a distillation of what youth feels like as has been captured in a studio.

Talking to Alyse after the performance, they will be recording the new material within the next month and are looking to see if they can grab any sort of label interest or they may release it on their own as they did for The Language of Threat. Their next show is in Williamsburg on Feb 18th at Bar Matchless. Their EP The Language of Threat is available for free from them at shows or you can buy it from iTunes."

Photo courtesy of Edwina Hay.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daniel Street fun-ness

Pics courtesy of jen wells