Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 15 - Recording

Jesus I just want to be done w/ this album!!!!!! We're getting into that weird point right now where pretty much everything is tracked on all 9 songs, but there is SOOOOO much left to do! All the mixing, all the vocal redos, adding extra instruments in certain parts..... aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Oh yea I hate when I record vocals one night, think its rad, then when I revisit them the next week, they are TERRIBLE. Why why why?? I feel like I have to do 50% of them all over again. Fucking annoying.

Tonight we tracked the bass and guitar on the new new song. It went well. This song is so new that we are very open to ideas for other instruments entering and leaving the song. That's good and bad. Our engineers/producers LOVE giving insight, plus the bands' thoughts, sometimes its too many cooks in the kitchen. Poor Jeff's head was about to explode from all the advice of how his bass parts could and should sound. Kinda frustrating. But I'm looking forward to making this track very Dance Trash.

Send me some good vibes so that I can finish writing the lyrics.


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  1. im sending you my good vibes. plus uranus is rubbing up against jupiter, so that must mean that you will finish the lyrics within the decade! YEAH!