Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cafe 9 Sept 8th

Tweefort Presents w/ Eula, Cleemann (denmark) & Human Pontiac!! Show @ 10pm. FREE!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My New Favorite Band is ...

Hank & Cupcakes! Check them out NOW:

we played w/ them last night at Bruar Falls (along with the bands Adolesence and Art of Shooting) and they blew my clothes off.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend Recap

So we had three shows this weekend. Here is a Recapitulation:

Friday 7/31: Bar Matchless w/ Taigaa and Renminbi ~ This was my first "brooklyn show" I put together, and it was overall a good time. The highlight was seeing Renminbi fucking tear shit up on stage... WOW! They are super sweet people too. Check them out NOW. The lowlight was the confusion over the door price - I guess Matchless usually does FREE shows, I had no idea. The dude told me to charge a cover so I could pay the sound guy and door person out of the door money we make. Does that sound normal? Anyways, alot of fans got in for free because of it (yes you're welcome you cheap bastards that can't pay $5 to see 3 bands!!!), and we had just enough money to pay the sound guy. Kinda really annoying. I just re-read this paragraph and I sound like a pussy, sorry. No actually I'm not sorry I take that back.

Saturday 8/1: House Party w/ Wry and Skratch Happy ~ Very fun. Good people, good vegan food, and PBR's. At one point in the evening I was hearing Stand-up from one of the members of Wry, something about wrestling dolls and masturbation?... then I remember being escorted into the basement to be shown how custom snare drums are made. Ryan [Kick Kick Snare] Taylor you're the best! And we still love you in those short shorts.

Sunday 8/2: Glasslands w/ Sherpas. Wow Sherpas can really blow your face off, literally. I have no face today. Another possible reason that my face is missing may be because our SUV got lost last night in brooklyn. POOF its gone. Was it stolen? Was it towed? Did someone forget where they parked? Who the fuck knows. To make a long story short, it was found at 7am this morning in near perfect condition. Go figure. Thanks to Mikey from Sherpas for letting us crash at his place and carting our paranoid and freaked out asses everywhere:) WE LOVE YOU!