Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 3 - BASS!!!

Last night Jeff blew an amp, hopefully that's good luck in the recording world. He put down his pretty sounds for Awake and Honor Killer. He used this dude from the band Title's homemade pedal. Thanks! But I'm concerned H.K. sounds a little too cocky. we shall see. i feel kinds silly writing these posts. there's not much to write.

Oh yea i did some H.K. guitar too... i used a pedal that looked like a 1950's car stereo. It was picking up some kind of spanish radio station through my amp. I want to keep it on the recording.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2 - Awake & Honor Killer

Tonite we tracked drums and guitar on "Awake" and drums on "Honor Killer". Nate's headphones were flying off of his head (because he rocks out so hard), so he had to wear his hat over them:

We played Awake too fast, had to record it over again. THat blew. I was mad:

Things are going swell....

Friday, March 12, 2010

brooklyn here we come again ...

Day 1 Recording - Dirty Hands

Last night was Night 1 of recording. Got to the Skate Park Studio (or Fuzzy Rainbow) around 9, got home around 2:30 this morning... the session has to begin so late due to the skater boyzzz (and girls!) making their ruckus downstairs. we tracked drums, bass, guitar, and vocals for Dirty Hands. It went rather smoothly. A little too smoothly:) ha. I wanted to sing out of an amp, since I sing better for some reason hearing it back at me like that, but SOMEONE was vehemently against it. I won't name names:). That's ok, vocal performance turned out alright. I did this reeeeeally high backing vocal on the pre-chorus, and everyone kept saying it sounded like Krull. I thought it sounded kinda silly, but we may put it way in the background ... far left or somethin. Anyways, bass sounds nice and dirty and nasty, but de-cockified. I can't wait to blow out the drums, and put some nastiness on my vocals. Should be fun! Some pics of the session to come. Our engineers love us so much that they showed us "CakeFarts" to end the evening. I thought it was a reference to CakeWalk, but no, its actually CakeFarts.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Recording .... Documentary .....

We're going into the studio next week to begin RECORDING our LP!! YAY! We have about 15 songs written/half written... I probably want a 9 or 10 song album. no more.

Saturday afternoon we're going to the New Haven Artspace to be filmed for Hells Bells Productions' "SWAN DAY" Documentary. Very excited to answer questions all about myself! haha. I never know what to say. Any ideas? Maybe I'll make up an elaborate story of how i got into meth and cocaine, and music was the only thing that saved me.

Only a couple shows coming up (SWAN Day April 3, EC PopFest May 15). we're trying to focus on recording. I have a love-hate relationship with recording. A lot of the time what I hear in my mind can never be replicated on tape. Its exhausting. And another thing I love is when you record something really, really late or when you're really, really f*cked up and you think its the greatest piece of music EVER. Then the next day its a complete piece of shit. It works the other way too, so maybe it all evens out. We're recording with 2 really great engineers this time, so I'm hoping it'll go more smoothly.

that's all for now...