Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 10 and Bottom 5

With all the 2009 Top 10's & "End of The Decade Best of Lists" going around, we thought we would look to the future and give you the 10 things we are most looking forward to next year, and the top 5 things we couldn't care less about. Enjoy!

10-Chromeo album
Cause its always good to shake your ass!

9-CSS/Tily and the Wall ~ Live Documentary DVD

8-Jay-Z new “indie” album.
As soon as Blueprint 3 came out Jigga had blueprints drawn for his next album. This one to take a more “indie” approach. His words stated that this album would not appeal to everyone, and with his stops over the summer at various indie shows(Grizzly Bear, Dead Weather) and ongoing collaboration with the likes of MGMT - we’re looking forward to deciding for ourselves.

7-Eula moves to Brooklyn!!!
It’s been some time in the making and by this time next year we hope to be freezing our arses off in NY.

6-Portishead-new album

5-LCD Soundsystem-new album
Let there be light! LCD lights!!

4-MIA-new album
2010 is shaping up to be a boogey down year with Chromeo, Jay-Z, LCD, and Hot Chip all dropping next year. Get your dancing shoes ready!

3-Hot Chip-new album

2-Erykah Badu--“New Amerykah, Part II”
The album features production from J Dilla, 9th Wonder, James Poyser, and Madlib, and drumming from the Roots' ?uestlove.
Hopefully it’s a bit closer to her debut and sophmore release than her more recent, almost free form jam style we’ve heard lately.

1-dinosaur feathers-full length
Eula has been wearing down our copy of DF's '09 EP, and playing the new single ‘Vendela Vida’ multiple times a day. It’ll be nice to have a whole album to daydream to.


5 Things We Couldn’t Care Less About:

5-Wavves next LP, 7”, or tempertantrum.
Until you stop purposely making your records sound like crap, I really don’t care. That goes for the rest of you lo-fi’ers.

4-The next celebrity to “f” up their life.
We know all celebrities are perfect, but isn’t there anything else on t.v.?

3-Smashing Pumpkins-44 song opus

2-White Stripes-live dvd, album, 7”, or pretty much anything Jack White is involved in. I know we’re all supposed to bow down to any standard blues song he recreates, but sorry, we don’t.

1-Weezer-hearing the sure to be awful songs from the new album on steady repeat on every top 40 station.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Submarine Shots

Halloween at the Submarine was definitely the best party this side of Texas. Hopefully we'll get some live video footage up soon. For now, here are some gruesome pics:


Alyse & Dead Bob Ross!! AAAhhhh!!

2 Boners


MT BEARington

Jacob, the Dead Milkman

Mr. Giraffe

Ben & Alligator

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eula on Elm City TV

The interviewee pronounces us as "OOO-LAH" haha! But still cute:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween PARTY!

CMJ 10/24 - Shea Stadium ~ Recap

Thanks to Kelly Irene for putting a GREAT GREAT GREAT show together, complete with 18 bands, 2 stages, and lots of cool lights.

As always, it sucks driving to Brooklyn. Its supposed to technically take 1 hour and 45 minutes, but with traffic and fuckheads driving its about 2hr20 min. So finally we get to Meadow Street (with minimal problems). There was actually a photo shoot going down right across the street with lots of animal heads and weird caveman-like clothing. but anyways Shea is tucked in the bed of a bunch of factory-looking doors lining a pretty grim street. There are about 35 steps to get up into the venue, a musician's nightmare:). We managed to get our shit in the place without falling, so that was good.

There were 2 stages set up, complete with lights, beers, and a good amount of people. Kill!Kill!Kill! started off the night around 5pm. They were GREAT. and Soooooo super nice. We ended up chatting about the pre-conceived notions that people from California have against New Englanders, and vice versa. The moral of the story was that we should all drop our stereotypes, and find out shit on our own:)

Eula went on next, around 5:30. T'was fun. We had to book it home for another show, otherwise we wouldve stayed for the entirety of the evening. Thanks again Kelly, Yabyum, and Detroitscaresme.

Next show is Halloween at The Submarine in New Haven. I'll keep ya's updated.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Titus Andronicus, So So Glos.... and EULA 10/14

So ... we opened up for T.A. and the So So Glos at Maxwell's (hoboken) last night, yay yay yay!!

I broke a string during Housewolf (our second song) and it was total blue balls. SUCKED. Extremely disenchanting. I should always bring 2 guitars just in case i guess.

So So Glos were FANTASTIC as always. This was my first time hearing Titus, totally not what i expected, but good.

Maxwell's had really yummy band food - it was a pleasant surprise.



Saturday, October 10, 2009

YabYum Records/Detroitscareme Presents ...

CMJ Unofficial Madness at Shea Stadium!!!


Saturday, October 24th Detroitscaresme and YabYum Records present...

with live performances by:
EULA, Hull, JACK, No Pasaran, The Art Of Shooting, Werewolves, Pink Noise, Desert Stars, My Other Friend, Ivana XL, Electric Tickle Machine, Lycaon Pictus, Buke and Gass, Rumanian Buck, Kittens Ablaze, Masterface, JP Gilbert of JACK, and killillkill (ex boy/girl) on two rotating stages.
@ Williamsburg's Shea Stadium
20 Meadow Street - google map - hopstop
All Ages, $5, doors at 3pm, byob or buy there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

More Mission of Burma pics....!!!!

Setting Up...

I'm bananas for Burma...

Sound check


Poor kid... too loud!


No waaaaay! Eula and Mr. Bob Weston!

No waaaay take 2! Eula and Clint Conley!

Mission of Burma PICS!!!

Goddamn sunday was a blaaaaaast!! Thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks to WMBR for running an amazing show. Two tidbits after hanging out with Mission of Burma:

1.) I had no idea these guys were such Patriots fans
2.) Bob Weston reeeeally likes new haven pizza

More pics to come, but here are a few:


Friday, October 2, 2009

MIT Show Details

Matador just announced some more details regarding the Mission of Burma show on Sunday @ MIT.... visit here for details:


CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I can't believe I'm typing this but MISSION OF BURMA chose us, EULA, to open for them at their MIT show on October 4th!!!! Holy shit rediculous:


The excitement has hindered my ability to write so I will talk later!


Friday, September 4, 2009

BROOKLYN SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got some great stuff coming up this month...

Mon. 9/7 ~ Cameo Gallery w/ Boy Genius & Rabbits
Fri. 9/11 ~ Permanent Records [greenpoint-brooklyn] In Store Performance @ 7pm
Wed. 9/16 ~ Trash Bar w/ Vector Zero

show me whatcha got lil mama

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cafe 9 Sept 8th

Tweefort Presents w/ Eula, Cleemann (denmark) & Human Pontiac!! Show @ 10pm. FREE!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My New Favorite Band is ...

Hank & Cupcakes! Check them out NOW: www.myspace.com/hankandcupcakes

we played w/ them last night at Bruar Falls (along with the bands Adolesence and Art of Shooting) and they blew my clothes off.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend Recap

So we had three shows this weekend. Here is a Recapitulation:

Friday 7/31: Bar Matchless w/ Taigaa and Renminbi ~ This was my first "brooklyn show" I put together, and it was overall a good time. The highlight was seeing Renminbi fucking tear shit up on stage... WOW! They are super sweet people too. Check them out NOW. The lowlight was the confusion over the door price - I guess Matchless usually does FREE shows, I had no idea. The dude told me to charge a cover so I could pay the sound guy and door person out of the door money we make. Does that sound normal? Anyways, alot of fans got in for free because of it (yes you're welcome you cheap bastards that can't pay $5 to see 3 bands!!!), and we had just enough money to pay the sound guy. Kinda really annoying. I just re-read this paragraph and I sound like a pussy, sorry. No actually I'm not sorry I take that back.

Saturday 8/1: House Party w/ Wry and Skratch Happy ~ Very fun. Good people, good vegan food, and PBR's. At one point in the evening I was hearing Stand-up from one of the members of Wry, something about wrestling dolls and masturbation?... then I remember being escorted into the basement to be shown how custom snare drums are made. Ryan [Kick Kick Snare] Taylor you're the best! And we still love you in those short shorts.

Sunday 8/2: Glasslands w/ Sherpas. Wow Sherpas can really blow your face off, literally. I have no face today. Another possible reason that my face is missing may be because our SUV got lost last night in brooklyn. POOF its gone. Was it stolen? Was it towed? Did someone forget where they parked? Who the fuck knows. To make a long story short, it was found at 7am this morning in near perfect condition. Go figure. Thanks to Mikey from Sherpas for letting us crash at his place and carting our paranoid and freaked out asses everywhere:) WE LOVE YOU!