Monday, October 26, 2009

CMJ 10/24 - Shea Stadium ~ Recap

Thanks to Kelly Irene for putting a GREAT GREAT GREAT show together, complete with 18 bands, 2 stages, and lots of cool lights.

As always, it sucks driving to Brooklyn. Its supposed to technically take 1 hour and 45 minutes, but with traffic and fuckheads driving its about 2hr20 min. So finally we get to Meadow Street (with minimal problems). There was actually a photo shoot going down right across the street with lots of animal heads and weird caveman-like clothing. but anyways Shea is tucked in the bed of a bunch of factory-looking doors lining a pretty grim street. There are about 35 steps to get up into the venue, a musician's nightmare:). We managed to get our shit in the place without falling, so that was good.

There were 2 stages set up, complete with lights, beers, and a good amount of people. Kill!Kill!Kill! started off the night around 5pm. They were GREAT. and Soooooo super nice. We ended up chatting about the pre-conceived notions that people from California have against New Englanders, and vice versa. The moral of the story was that we should all drop our stereotypes, and find out shit on our own:)

Eula went on next, around 5:30. T'was fun. We had to book it home for another show, otherwise we wouldve stayed for the entirety of the evening. Thanks again Kelly, Yabyum, and Detroitscaresme.

Next show is Halloween at The Submarine in New Haven. I'll keep ya's updated.

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