Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top 10 and Bottom 5

With all the 2009 Top 10's & "End of The Decade Best of Lists" going around, we thought we would look to the future and give you the 10 things we are most looking forward to next year, and the top 5 things we couldn't care less about. Enjoy!

10-Chromeo album
Cause its always good to shake your ass!

9-CSS/Tily and the Wall ~ Live Documentary DVD

8-Jay-Z new “indie” album.
As soon as Blueprint 3 came out Jigga had blueprints drawn for his next album. This one to take a more “indie” approach. His words stated that this album would not appeal to everyone, and with his stops over the summer at various indie shows(Grizzly Bear, Dead Weather) and ongoing collaboration with the likes of MGMT - we’re looking forward to deciding for ourselves.

7-Eula moves to Brooklyn!!!
It’s been some time in the making and by this time next year we hope to be freezing our arses off in NY.

6-Portishead-new album

5-LCD Soundsystem-new album
Let there be light! LCD lights!!

4-MIA-new album
2010 is shaping up to be a boogey down year with Chromeo, Jay-Z, LCD, and Hot Chip all dropping next year. Get your dancing shoes ready!

3-Hot Chip-new album

2-Erykah Badu--“New Amerykah, Part II”
The album features production from J Dilla, 9th Wonder, James Poyser, and Madlib, and drumming from the Roots' ?uestlove.
Hopefully it’s a bit closer to her debut and sophmore release than her more recent, almost free form jam style we’ve heard lately.

1-dinosaur feathers-full length
Eula has been wearing down our copy of DF's '09 EP, and playing the new single ‘Vendela Vida’ multiple times a day. It’ll be nice to have a whole album to daydream to.


5 Things We Couldn’t Care Less About:

5-Wavves next LP, 7”, or tempertantrum.
Until you stop purposely making your records sound like crap, I really don’t care. That goes for the rest of you lo-fi’ers.

4-The next celebrity to “f” up their life.
We know all celebrities are perfect, but isn’t there anything else on t.v.?

3-Smashing Pumpkins-44 song opus

2-White Stripes-live dvd, album, 7”, or pretty much anything Jack White is involved in. I know we’re all supposed to bow down to any standard blues song he recreates, but sorry, we don’t.

1-Weezer-hearing the sure to be awful songs from the new album on steady repeat on every top 40 station.

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