Thursday, June 25, 2009

yea fun

We just got back from tour, YAY it was great. I will post some hot pics soon. maybe some video as well. I tried documenting the most fun parts of the journey.

We want to Thank the following:
1.) The Northside Fest for giving us free Roos (sneakers, get with the fucking times)
2.) Greg's cat (from the Updog)
3.) Subway for being at virtually every exit so we could eat your veggie sandwiches.
4.) Casual Curious' set at No Kids Night. Wow.
5.) The Constellations for getting everyone drunk and horny.
6.) This girl named Tina at the Pour House for being the coolest chick ever.
7.) My Tom Tom for getting us places (except it freaked out in Baltimore at 2am and we were lost... not good)
8.) My sister-in-law's parents for letting us crash in Raleigh.
9.) My uncle for having the best 10 dogs EVER!!!
10.) And last but not least - everyone who bought a CD and wished us well on our journey down the coast.

With Love,

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