Friday, April 3, 2009

Eula interview 4/11 on 1340AM Yale Radio

So, I received a message from a "Jef Wilson" that read "WYBC Interview" in the Subject Line, with a body message of "Call me for an interview on WYBC".... I was very confused because WYBC is a hip hop and r&b station...

About a week later, Jef showed up to our GPCSY show at Yale. He continued to tell me that he wants Eula to do an on-air interview, and in-studio performance on YBC... I replied, "Ummm... have you even listened to our music? I mean, I am ALL ABOUT crossing genres, but would the hip hop/r&b listeners really dig a Eula interview?"

and Jef replied, "Uhh, this is for WYBC 1340AM, Yale Radio."

I replied, "Fuck"

So the moral of the story is, KNOW YOUR RADIO STATIONS. And listen to WYBC 1340AM Saturday, April 11th from 1pm - 2pm for a Eula performance & interview!!! Thanks Jef.

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